How to Measure Men’s Jeans

When you go to buy  a pair of jeans, it is natural for you to get the thought “how to measure men’s jean.” Jeans are one of the most popular outfits among men and women of all ages. It is made using denim that gives a rough and tough appearance to the person who wears it. It is casual attire that is loved by men around the world. However, misfit jeans can make a man look awkward and unimpressive. How to measure men’s jeans is a question often asked by men who are desirous of better fitting jeans. This article attempts to explain the process of taking men’s jeans measurements in an easy to understand manner.

Good fitting jeans look better than good looking ill fitting jeans

You can get yourself measured at the readymade store to know what type and size of jeans will fit best and also look good on your body. Alternatively, you can learn to take your own measurements at home to decide on the type of jeans you want to wear. Finding the perfect pair of jeans that fits your body, looks good, and also keeps you relaxed, is a challenging task. There are many different types of jeans available in the market. There are different fits, shapes, colors, and washes to choose from. This is why an average man has 6-7 pairs of jeans in his wardrobe to wear according to the occasion and his mood.

The most important aspects of good fitting jeans are the measurements of waist and its seat. For those who have bulky thighs and legs, it is important to buy jeans after knowing these measurements of the jeans. You cannot buy jeans just because it is looking good or because you are getting a very good deal. You should start by learning to take your body measurements.

How to measure men's jeans

How to Measure Men’s Jeans – important measurements 

Waist measurement

You may have a liking of wearing your jeans high on your waist. If yes, then you need to know the exact waist measurement from where you want to wear your jeans. Measure the circumference of your waist about two inches below the navel by keeping the tape a little snug, but not too tight to know your waist measurement. Do not take this measurement over clothes that you are wearing as it would give you a wrong measurement. You can also measure the width of your jeans and double it to get your waist measurement if those jeans fit well.

Inseam measurement

Inside seam is also the length of your leg from the bottom of the crotch down to your ankle bone. You can easily take this measurement by placing your jeans on a table and then measuring this length by placing one end at the bottom of the crotch and taking it all the way down where the jeans ends. The out seam of jeans is its total length from its waist down to where its legs end.

Seat measurement

This is a very important feature of jeans that decides its perfect fitting. Low rise jeans have a very small seat and they are meant to be worn much below your waist level. If you feel uncomfortable with a small seat, you need to buy high rise jeans. It starts at the level of your waist. Rise of jeans is the space between the bottom of its crotch and the top of the waist. There are different rises available in the market with low rise, mid rise, and finally high waist jeans. You can choose one that you are not only comfortable with but also one that looks great on you. If you are short in height with short legs, low rise jeans will highlight your short height.

Hip measurement

This is the circumference of your body at the level of your hips. This is a crucial measurement that you should know to have good fitting jeans. This measurement can be taken with a measuring tape by placing it at the widest level of your hips. Alternatively, you can measure your jeans from edge to edge at its widest and double this measurement to get your hips measurement.

Thigh measurement

This is the circumference of your thighs that you need to measure with the tape. You can also measure it by measuring the length between the crotch and the end of the jeans sideways. Multiply this length by two to get your thigh measurement. This measurement becomes crucial if you have fuller thighs.

Leg opening is a measurement that you need to know to get the right jeans. Just measure the length between the edges at the end of the legs to get this measurement.

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