Difference Between Allo and Viber

Main Difference – Allo vs Viber

The main difference between Allo and Viber is that Allo comes with features like Smart Reply, built-in Google Assistant, Text and emojis can be resized, photos that can be written upon, and enhanced privacy and security mode for a secure conversation.

Many of us are very eager to share our special moments with friend and family. Google is introducing a smart mobile app called Allo and Duo. This is a smart messaging app and is specially designed for messaging and video calling. Let us compare Allo and Viber messaging app and get a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between them.

What is Allo

Allo is very similar to the way in which WhatsApp works. The user does not need a google account to sign in. A phone number is all he needs to set up the application. One of the best features of Allo is that it takes advantage of integrated machine learning. This will make use of the AI, which comes built in with the application. There are also smart features that come with the application to make the conversation flowing, smooth, and worthwhile.

Features of Allo


Messaging on the Allo is quite similar to the way it is supported by other existing messaging apps. The text and emoji’s that are to be sent can be resized, making them enlarged or shrunk. This feature is called “whisper/shout.”

Smart Reply

Allo comes with smart features like Smart Reply, which is built into the application. The user can reply to any of his messages without typing in a word. Smart Reply evolves with time and suggests suitable replies on an ongoing conversation. The application will learn the behavior of the user while in conversation and suggest suitable words. This process will become more accurate with time and use of the application by the particular user on the device. Smart Reply also works well with photos. It is smart enough to analyse the content of the photo and suggests content and words. It will suggest suitable words like yummy when a photo of food is shared during the conversation. If the conversation is related to Italian food, Google suggests restaurants nearby which cater the same. The user can book a table in the restaurant then and there itself.

Google Assistant

The application also comes with Google Assistant, which helps to find information in a snap. A flowing conversation can take place with Google Assistant. It can also be activated right in the middle of a group conversation. The advantage of this feature is that there is no need to jump from one app to another. Things can be done within the app itself, like make reservations, play a game and get score updates. Allo can also bring in Maps, YouTube, and Search in the middle of a conversation.

Google Assistant will understand the natural language patterns. This means the user can speak with Allo in a natural manner, and the app will understand what the user is trying to say to it. The user can even ask for personal details like photos, agenda, and details of booking.

Sharing Photos

When we are sharing photos in a conversation, Allo lets the user scribble over the photo and send. This will make the chat more conversational and realistic.

Privacy and Security

As with google chrome, privacy and security have been pepped up with Allo too. There is also an Incognito mode for messaging which encrypts the conversation end to end. Google has also promised to add more features to Allo in the future for this mode.


Like We Chat and Line, Allo also supports stickers. This will make the conversation more expressive and lively.

Difference Between Allo and Viber

What is Viber

Viber is a  free messaging app which can be downloaded and used with a smartphone. Users are able to send a variety of content like text, pictures, video and also make free calls. It is capable of being supported on a PC and a smartphone as well. Viber has a very large user base in the range of hundreds of millions. Like its competitor WhatsApp, Viber targets young users. It offers features like picture sharing, video sharing, and group messaging.

Viber can be downloaded directly to a PC or to smartphone, and by entering the phone number, it can be set up to work immediately. Viber uses the users phone number to identify the application uniquely. It will verify the device by sending it an SMS, which contains a PIN. After entering the PIN, the user can start adding contacts and start using Viber.

Features of Viber


Messaging and calls can be made free of charge with users who are also using Viber. It is also able to support Group chats. This enables the user to share information on a group in an easy manner. A group member can add themselves and leave the group anytime.

Viber also supports Public chats. Users can follow famous celebrities and personalities and the topics they are interested in.


Stickers are a special feature of Viber, which makes for an expressive conversation. Stickers can be downloaded and used in messages. They are available for free and can also be purchased.


Phones, computers, and tablets can support games in Viber. They can be used with the mentioned devices by downloading. These games can be used via the Viber application and connected to friends.

Location Sharing

Viber can also share the location of the user if he prefers. This is turned off by default and can be activated if needed.


With the use of the phone number, the user can connect with an individual he wants to chat with. It is made more secure in this manner.Main Difference - Allo vs Viber

Difference Between Allo and Viber


Viber: Viber is a basic messaging app, which does not come with built-in AI or machine learning features.

Allo: Allo is a messaging app, which comes with machine learning, making it the most intelligent of the messaging apps found in the market today.

Allo has the edge over Viber in this aspect as it is capable of learning the patterns of the user and suggest appropriate and unique content in return.

Shout and Whisper

Viber: Viber does not have the capability of enlarging and shrinking its emojis and text.

Allo: Allo is capable of enlarging and shrinking its messages to make them look as if though they were shouting or to make it look like a whisper.

Smart Reply

Viber: Viber does not suggest possible replies for a message.      

Allo: Allo is intelligent enough to suggest suitable replies during a conversation.

Allo comes with the Smart Reply feature which is capable of predicting the reply of the user. This capability will become better as it will evolve with time.

Google Assistant

Viber: Viber does not feature an assistant.

Allo: Allo is capable of taking advantage of Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant can be brought up in the middle of the chat and can be utilized to bring up information needed by the user. This information can also be shared on the conversation instantly. Google Assistant is more free flowing and capable of understanding the free flowing language of the user.


Viber: Viber only supports sending and receiving photos.

Allo: Allo is able to send photos which are scribbled upon by the user.Difference Between Allo and Viber- infographic

Allo vs. Viber – Summary

Allo mainly takes advantage of some key features that Google has under its belt. This includes the improved Google Assistant, which makes conversing with the app more efficient and easy. The user does not need to jump from one app to the other to get the information he needs. It can be done from within the app itself, making it easy and time-saving. Smart Reply is also a great feature which enables the user to reply with customized answers without even typing a word. All in all, Allo is an app which opens up a variety of options taking advantage of the technology.

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