How to Get More Storage on iPhone

When you run out of storage on your iPhone, you won’t be able to take photos, sync media files, install new apps or do anything that requires more space. It is all too common to delete old messages, photos, and apps when you run out of space. Most people who own a 16 GB storage or even less do the above, but sometimes even people who own 256 GB do the same. So, this is a common problem experienced by most phone users. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to get more storage on iPhone. Follow these tips to clear more space and get more storage. 

How to Get More Storage on iPhone

Delete Apps You Don’t Need

This is the most straightforward and obvious option. There may be applications that you have downloaded and only used once. You may even have found an app that does the same function and replaced it but forgotten about the earlier application. Deleting these types of apps can free a significant amount of space.

To delete an app from the home screen, tap and hold down on an app until it starts to jiggle. This means you have entered edit mode. By tapping on the X on the left corner of the application, you can delete the application. Edit mode also help to drag apps to another position on the screen.

Delete Stocks, Game Center and Other Applications

There are some apps that are not easy to delete since they come pre-installed with the iPhone. Some examples of these apps include Stocks, Game Center, Notes, Calendars, and other default applications. Apple has prevented the user from deleting these apps from the iPhone. But with iOS 10, the users are able to delete some of these apps that come preinstalled.

Finding out how apps consume space can help in deciding in deleting apps. You can go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, and tap on Manage storage. Apps will appear under storage. The apps will be presented in the order in which they consume space. If you see any apps on the top that you do not use, high priority should be given in their deletion. The biggest space consumers will be listed at the top. If lots of text messages with images are received, you may also see the messenger app on the top. If you do not use an app and it consumes a large amount of space, do not hesitate to remove it as it can be downloaded later when the need arises. Once you have bought an app, it will be tied to Apple ID and helps Apple know if you own it.

How to Get More Storage on iPhone

Delete Documents and Data You Do Not Need

You can delete the apps that you do not need or move them to the cloud where there is ample space.

Delete Many Message At Once

You can delete very old messages from your iPhone. Within a minute, you will be able to attain a large amount of space. You can tell the iOS to delete messages that have been on the phone for more than a specific period. You can go into Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages and select parameters to delete appropriate messages.

Turn Off Photo Stream

If you have the photo stream option turned on, you can see photos that were taken with your iPhone, iPad, or for your Mac from your camera. Unfortunately, photos will not be uploaded to the other devices when you disable this option. You can always turn on the photo stream option after the storage issue has faded.

Do Not Keep Both Photos When Using HDR

Your phone is able to capture better photos when using the HDR mode. This mode is most effective when bright lights and shadows are present. You can choose to keep the normal photo with the HDR if you desire. So make sure you are not keeping the normal photo as the new iPhones are capable of capturing better images in HDR mode.

Signup for iTunes Match

You will be able to own and access tracks via the cloud when you sign up for iTunes match. So you can delete tracks on your iPhone and access them via the cloud.

Remove iBooks

You can download iBooks from the iCloud when you need them. You can delete the iBooks that you do not read and download them when the need arises.

Check Photo Editing Apps

Some old images may be lurking with the app that could be deleted. The edited image can be saved while the old image can be deleted to save storage.

Clean Your Notes

Notes do not appear on the storage usage, but if you clear the notes that you do not need from your notes app, you will be able to gain some storage space.

Delete iMessages

You will be able to gain a significant amount of space if you delete unwanted iMessages from you iPhone.

Turn Off Burst Mode

You can capture rapid shots and take a series of photos from your iPhone. You can keep the photo that you need and delete the rest.

Backup Your Photos To Drop Box

You can back up all your iPhone photos to Dropbox to save space.

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