How to Backup Android Contacts

It is always a great idea to back up the phone content so that you won’t lose important contacts and data on the device in case of an emergency. Even in situations of  updating the device, you can backup the contacts that exist on the phone before starting the update. Although this is not a must, there are possibilities of losing data on the phone and the contacts as well. Here, we will look at how to backup the contacts on an Android device.

How to Backup Android Contacts

Check for contacts linked to Gmail account

Before starting the backup process, check whether your contacts are linked to Gmail account. When the Android phone is linked with a Gmail account, the contacts on the particular phone are mostly likely to be linked to the Gmail account.

Use the following steps to check whether your contacts have been linked to the Gmail Account:

1. First, log into your Gmail account and on the upper left corner of the Gmail window, you will find a logo.

How to Backup Android Contacts -1

2. Press on the logo, a drop down list will appear with an option called contacts.

How to Backup Android Contacts

3. Select the Contacts option and it will open a window with all the synced contacts.

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4. Check whether the phone contacts and the Gmail contacts are the same, if so, the Gmail has already backed up all the contacts on the Android phone. If the contacts are different from the ones found on the Android device, then your contacts need to be backed up.

How to Backup Android Contacts

Method 1

Step 1.1: Go into the phone settings.

Step 1.2: By scrolling down, you will find an option called “Backup and reset.” Check in the “Back up my data” checkbox, and Google will automatically back up the contacts. As soon as a contact is added to the Android device, it will be automatically backed up and synced with the Gmail account.

If the phone got lost in an involuntary manner, a new phone could easily sync the contacts with the Gmail account, ensuring all your important contacts are not lost.

Even when you switch from one phone to the other, backing up contacts will make it easy to swap them from the older phone to the new one.

Method 2

Step 2.1: Open up the contact list on the phone. On the right-hand corner, there will be three dots that are aligned vertically.


Step 2.2: Click on vertical dots. An option called Settings will appear after clicking on these dots.

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Step 2.3: Click on Settings and it will reveal an option called Contacts again.

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Step 2.4: Click on Contacts on this new window, then an option called import/export contacts will appear.

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Step 2.5: By tapping on this checkbox, a variety of options will be unveiled. One of these options can be picked and applied to suit a backup method of the user’s choice.

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After exporting the contacts to a preferred media like an SD card or an SIM, it can be imported back again onto the new phone where the contacts are needed.

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