Difference Between Google Duo and Facebook Messenger

Main Difference – Google Duo vs Facebook Messenger

The main difference between Google Duo and Facebook Messenger is that the Google Duo comes with features like encryption, knock knock – a unique feature, which has been optimized for crisp video, and is able to swap between Wifi and data connections more efficiently. Let us take a closer look at both Google Duo and Facebook Messenger and find out what each application offers and which one has the upper hand over the other.

Google Duo | Features, Performance

The Google Duo application is Google’s latest video chat app. But why Google is introducing this app at this time when there are established applications like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype and what does Google Duo really have to compete with them? Google Duo comes with simple and fast features to provide the user with a great video chat experience. Knock Knock is a unique feature in Google Duo that displays a live video preview of the caller before it is answered. This is similar to peeping through the door’s peephole before knocking on the door. Duo promises to offer the same effect.

What is Knock Knock

Knock knock is a special feature that lets the user see a video preview of who is calling. The preview acts as a doorbell for the conversation to happen. The Google Duo was released at the Google I/O event held recently. The application is a video calling application which can be supported by iOS and Android platforms. One of the highlights of the application is that the Google promises to provide a great user experience regardless of whether it comes with a fast or slow connection. Like WhatsApp, Google Duo makes use of the phone number rather than a Google Account. This lets the user call anyone who is present in the phonebook with ease.

The main purpose of Google having the Knock Knock feature is to make video chatting fun and worthwhile. When a video chat call is made, it gives a glimpse as a video of the person who is calling from the other side. This is a unique feature yet to be seen on any other messaging platform up-to-date. This could turn out to be a killer feature to outperform its competitors and gain market share. 

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Crisp Video

Duo is able to provide a video output of 720 p with the company of HD audio. Google claims that the application has been optimized to perform well in low bandwidth networks. According to the available bandwidth, the quality of the output adjusts accordingly.

Switch Between Data and Wi-fi.

If the Wifi connection sees a drop in its quality, the Google Duo app will automatically switch to a cellular network. This is done automatically, which is also another great feature.


The calls that are made using Duo is end-to-end encrypted, which will make it more secure and private.

Facebook Messenger | Features, Performance

Text Messaging

The text messaging features help in contacting friends and family instantly. After the text message is sent, an indicator will show when the message was delivered to the phone and when it was seen by the person on the receiving end. This will help the user know if the message was delivered to the intended user on time.

Voice and Video Calls

The application also supports video and voice calls. Video calls will create a face to face conversation with friend and family to make communication more realistic and close. These calls can be made free of charge. Data charges may apply when Wifi is not used with the application.

Videos and Photos

With the use of the built-in camera that comes with the smartphone, it can be used to snap a photo instantly and sent to any contact connected with the application. Customizations like text and drawing can be added to the photo when needed.


With the use of a few taps, friends and family can be updated of your locations instantly. The application also can be used to suggest a meeting spot for a get together of a friend when the need arises.


The application also supports stickers, which are more expressive than just text. There are a wide variety of stickers that can be used in the conversation.

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Voice Messages

Without the need to type a message, voice messages can be recorded and sent instantly when you are on the go.

Send and Receive Cash

When the application is linked with a credit card, it can be used to send and receive money while in the conversation.

Group Chats

Groups of friends and family can be created instantly. This can be an easy and effective way to keep in touch with them. Photos and information can be shared easily with the help of this feature.

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Difference Between Google Duo and Facebook Messenger

Knock Knock

Google Duo: Google Duo comes with a feature known as knock Knock, which shows a video preview of the user before the video call is initiated.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger comes with only standard video calling features.

Crisp Video

Google Duo: Google Duo is able to produce crisp and optimized videos regardless of the bandwidth of the connection.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger too comes with video calling, but the performance is dependent on the quality of the connection.  

Data – Wifi Switch

Google Duo: Google Duo is able to switch between data and Wifi. The video will be optimized according to the quality of the connection.

Facebook Messenger: The quality of the video call is dependent on the connection type.


Google Duo: Google Duo is protected by end to end encryption.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger does not have such a feature.


Google Duo vs. Facebook Messenger

It is clear that there will be a tough competition between Google Duo and Facebook Messenger when it comes to the market share of the messenger software. With some unique features packed in with Google Duo, we could expect fierce competition between the two rivals. Although Facebook’s Messenger may have the lead now if we compare the two applications, it may not be long when Google Duo also comes into the fold. In Google Duo, the optimization that has been done with the software to support videos will rectify a common problem faced by the users of today.

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