Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp

Main Difference – Google Allo vs WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a famous messenger app that can be supported by iOS and Android platforms. Google Allo is a new addition to the messaging app. The main difference between Google Allo and WhatsApp is that is Google Allo has the ability to use Google Search even in the middle of a chat.

Google Allo – Features and Specifications

The google I/O keynote introduced a new messaging App known as google I/O. The special feature of this App is that Google search is built into the chat applications making it more convenient for the user to search for information. The user does not need to swap between apps in order to search for something.

Messaging to a New Level

As with many famous messaging applications in the world today, this app is used in connection with the user’s phone number. The application is able to run independently without the aid of a google account and can work on multiple platforms. Images, messages, and emojis can be sent instantly as with other messaging applications. Group chats can also be created within the application.

Google Allo supports the user, letting him or her ask questions and more questions based on the answers.Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp_ Allo Screen Shot

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI built into the application are formidable features that have been added to outperform competition. Automated answers will be presented to the user which can be used to reply according to the chat that is taking place. The issue with this feature is that Google search may never be needed if the answers appear. The other issue is that when possible answers appear, it may take away the traditional conversational feel that messaging apps usually come with.

Google Home and Reality

Features like Google Home are mainly targeting to use Google search. It is expected to use voice recognition at a new level. Intelligent assistants are to be integrated into apps to make a better user experience with the app itself.

We will have to wait and see how it performs in the real world and how accurately it works when it comes across real work application. It is an intelligent substitute to Google Now and Siri but in the real world we are to see its accuracy and response. Google has done a lot with the release of this app and is waiting to shape the future of mobile communication in the future.

WhatsApp – Features and Specifications


The WhatsApp messenger is a famous messaging app which can be supported by iOS and Android platforms. It is very similar to the messaging feature found on smartphones. The difference between the normal messaging feature and WhatsApp is, it comes with useful and neat features which have been built into the app to make it useful and fun at the same time.  If the user is involved in texting a lot, this application is a must-have. It will provide the user with unlimited texting to all his friends. It is free on both the platforms. The user does not need to worry about charges internationally either.

Acquisition by Facebook

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook. It did not see much of a change after the acquisition. WhatsApp is a famous a messaging app used all around the world by numerous users. While Facebook has its own Facebook messenger app, it is somewhat confusing as to why Facebook wanted to acquire WhatsApp.


A text bubble shows the text that is transferred during the conversation. WhatsApp also tells the user when the text was viewed by the recipient and a time stamp of the message with was sent and is received. WhatsApp also facilitates the use of photos, audio clips, and videos to be sent during the conversation. The background of the WhatsApp application can be customized. GPS can also be used o send the location of a user to an interactive map anywhere in the world. Pre-made messages can also be sent when needed. WhatsApp can also block unwanted contacts within the app itself. The contact information of another friend can be sent to contacts instantly.

Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp

Encryption (The Incognito Mode)

Google Allo: Google Allo comes with end to end encryption and come with a dedicated mode known as in Incognito which also comes chrome.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp has introduced encryption recently to its app.

Both applications provide an encryption feature, while Google Allo comes with a dedicated mode specially designed for privacy and security. The application can also be used in a smooth and manner.

User Friendly

Google Allo: Google Allo comes with intelligent features like smart reply, built in Google Assistant and innovative features to enhance user experience

WhatsApp: WhatsApp comes with standard feature which are mostly available with other messaging applications available in the market.

The addition of machine learning and AI with the Allo make it smart messenger. It is intelligent enough to suggest information that the user is looking for as well as predict words to reply with. With time the application will learn the users ways and preferences and provide replies and information accordingly.

Google Assistant

Google Allo: Google Allo comes with Google assistant as an integrated part of the application

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not support an assistant feature

The user is now able to search for Hotels, movies theater, flights within the app itself without having to swap between apps. The app is also integrated with Googles You Tube, Maps, and Translate. Google assistant is able to help the user by finding appropriate information as well as helping in getting things done. The user can chat one to one with Google assistant. The user does not need to jump between apps to find information or get things done. Google assistant is also able to get information regarding personal data like the agenda, photos and booking information. It is also capable of understanding natural language pattern which helps the user to speak normally as if he was speaking to a human assistant. Google Assistant is able to understand what the user is looking for and finds the relevant information.

Smart Reply

Google Allo: Google Allo comes with a feature called” Smart Reply”

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not come with a feature similar to smart reply.

This feature comes with Google Allo where the user can reply to a message without typing a word. Allo learn the style and the way the user replies with time, and suggests words according to the message received on the application. Allo is also able to provide intelligent suggestions by even analyzing the content of the photo. The application will suggest words like “beautiful” and “nice” if the photo contains a flower. It makes use of a logarithm to recognize the content of the photo and suggest words which is a really cool feature.


Google Allo: Google Allo comes with a feature which resizes the size of the text which is to be replied

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not support such a feature.

The Allo app comes with a slider button called “Whisper and shout” which increases or decreases the size of the font.



Google Allo: Google Allo allows the user to draw on pictures before sending

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not support such a feature.

This makes the conversation more interesting and engaging.

Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp_WhatsApp Screen Shot 1


Google Allo: Google Allo offers stickers.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not support such a feature.

Google Allo is able to offer stickers which make the conversation engaging and expressive.

Difference Between Google Allo and WhatsApp – Conclusion

Google Allo comes with power packed features which take advantage of Google’s best features. It is more intelligent with features like smart reply that is assisted well with Google Assistant. Both the Google Allo and Google Duo will be available for Android and iOS.

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