Difference Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle

The main difference between ladybug and Asian beetle is that the ladybug is small in size whereas the Asian beetle is comparatively large in size. Furthermore, the ladybug is usually red in color while Asian beetle is orange in color. Also, Asian beetle has an M- or W-shaped mark at the pronotum. 

Ladybug and Asian beetle are two types of insects that belong to the family Coccinellidae. The Asian beetle is a type of ladybug. 

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1. Ladybug
     – Definition, Characteristic Features, Behavior
2. Asian Beetle
     – Definition, Characteristic Features, Behavior
3. What are the Similarities Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle
     – Outline of Common Features
4. What is the Difference Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle
     – Comparison of Key Differences

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Difference Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle - Comparison Summary

Ladybug – Definition, Characteristics, Behavior 

A ladybug is an insect that belongs to the family Coccinellidae (lady beetles) and the order Coleoptera (beetles). Many species of ladybugs live all over the world. They are sometimes called ladybirds. They have an oval- or dome-shaped body with six legs. The size of a ladybug can be 1-18 mm. The ladybug that is bright red in color with dark color spots in the back is one of the famous species. The number of spots depends on the species.  

Difference Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle

Figure 1: 7-Spotted Ladybug

Some ladybugs are herbivores while others are omnivores that eat other insects. The herbivorous ladybugs are pests and they eat crop leaves. Ladybugs hibernate during the winter. The hibernating form may infest homes in order to find warm places. The shape of the ladybug was used in the production of Volkswagen Beetle. 

Asian Beetle – Definition, Characteristics, Behavior 

The Asian beetle (Harmonia axyridis) is one species of ladybug. They are sometimes called Japanese ladybug, Harlequin ladybird, Asian ladybeetle or multicoloured Asian. The size of the Asian beetle ranges from 5.5-8.5 mm. Though most ladybugs are red in color, the Asian ladybug is orange in color. One of the most characteristic features of Asian beetle is the presence of M- or W-shape mark on the pronotum.  

Main Difference - Ladybug and Asian Beetle

Figure 2: Asian Beetle

Asian ladybugs are omnivores and eat both leaves and aphids-like pests. Hence, they were introduced to North America Europe to control the spread of pests. However, Asian ladybug is considered as one of the world’s most invasive species. They release an unpleasant odor and yellow fluid when threatened. 

Similarities Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle 

  • Ladybug and Asian beetle are insects belonging to the family Coccinellidae. 
  • They have a rounded oval or dome shape.  
  • They have six legs and they can fly. 
  • They undergo complete metamorphosis
  • Both can be pests. 

Difference Between Ladybug and Asian Beetle 


A ladybug refers to any of the numerous, small, nearly hemispherical, often brightly colored, often spotted beetles (family Coccinellidae) of temperate and tropical regions that usually feed both as larvae and adults on other insects (such as aphids) while Asian ladybug refers to an Asian ladybug (Harmonia axyridis) that has multiple color patterns, ranging from yellowish-orange to red with or without black spots on the wing covers. 


Ladybug is a small insect belonging to the family Coccinellidae while Asian beetle is a type of ladybug. 


The ladybugs live all over the world while the Asian beetles are native to the Asian region. 


Ladybug is small while the Asian beetle is comparatively large. 


The ladybug is red in color while the Asian beetle is orange in color. 

Number of spots 

Ladybugs have fewer spots while Asian beetle has comparatively more spots. 


Ladybugs have black cheeks with a little white color while Asian beetles have more white color in their cheeks. 


Many ladybugs do not have an M- or W-shaped mark on the protonum while Asian beetles have an M- or W-shaped mark on the protonum. 

Mode of Nutrition 

Further, ladybugs can be either herbivores or omnivores while Asian beetles are omnivores. 


A ladybug is an insect that belongs to the family Coccinellidae while Asian ladybug represents a species of ladybugs. Many ladybugs are small and red in color while Asian ladybugs are comparatively large and orange in color. Asian ladybugs have an M- or W-shaped mark on the pronotum. The main difference between ladybug and Asian ladybug is their size and color. 


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