Difference Between This and These

Main Difference – This vs. These

This and These are two of the most frequently used words in the English language. Both This and These are used when describing people or things near to us, introducing people or referring to a thing just mentioned. Thus, there is no difference in the meaning of these two words. The difference exists in the usage. The main difference between this and these is that ‘this’ is the singular form while ‘these’ is the plural form of the word. ‘This’ is pronounced as /ðɪs/while ‘these’ is pronounced as /ðiːz/. Both these terms are used as demonstrative pronouns as well as demonstrative adjectives. This can be also used as an adverb. This usage will be explained later in this article.

This and These – Meaning and Usage

In the English language. ‘this’ and ‘these’ are used as demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.

As an Adjective

Used to identify a specific person or thing that is close by or being indicated or experienced

“I don’t agree with this theory.”

These cupcakes are delicious.”

“I knew that this man was a fraud, as soon as I saw him.”

Refers to the nearest thing when talking about two things that is closed to the speaker.

“I think this shop has more fashionable dresses than that shop.”

“What do you want, this one or that one?”

These bags look better.”

Refers to a specific thing just mentioned.

“We had to stay at home for two whole weeks because of this incident.”

“She didn’t listen to anyone, and this behavior made her parents worry.”

“As a result of these incidents, they decided to close the factory.”

Used with periods of time, related to the present or immediate past.

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“I haven’t left my house these two days.”

“We are planning a trip these days.”

difference between this and these

These cupcakes are delicious.

As a Pronoun

Identifies a specific person or thing close by or being indicated or experienced

“This is my book.” → “These are my books.”

“Go and keep this in your room.” → “Go and keep these in your room.”

“Is this yours?” → “Are these yours?”

Refers to a specific thing just mentioned.

“She made a special dish for him. This made her late.

“It is said that moderate drinking has health benefits, but these are not nearly as great as they are made out to be.”

“They constructed a house in Pune; this was to be their holiday house.”

Introduces someone or something

“This is my house.”

“This is Ethel, and that is Adam.”

“These are my friends.”

∗  When we are using ‘these’ to introduce people, we don’t say ‘These are Ethel and John.’ Instead, we use ‘This is Ethel, and this is John.’ We only use ‘these’ with plural countable nouns.

this vs these

This is Belle, my little daughter.

As an Adverb

When ‘this’ is directly used with adjectives and adverb, it indicates a degree or extent. However, keep in mind that ‘these’ cannot be used as here, as adjectives and adverbs are always in the singular form.

“I never thought that your house is this big.”

“She is not used to this much attention.”

Difference Between This and These


This is the singular form.

These is the plural form.

Demonstrative Pronoun

This can can be used as a demonstrative pronoun.

These can also be used as a demonstrative pronoun.


This can be used as an adjective. 

These can be used as an adjective.

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