How to Choose a Good Mattress

How to choose a good mattress is a problem to all of us those who realize the crucial importance of a good night’s sleep. Sound sleep matters so much that most people crave for it and they are ready to spend hundreds of dollars to get a mattress that would allow them to have a sound sleep. It all boils down to the right selection of the mattress. Despite such crucial importance of a mattress, most people do not know how to choose a good mattress. To complicate matters more, so many different types of mattresses are available that it becomes overwhelming for an individual to choose the ideal mattress for his use. This article attempts to simplify the matter by describing the main points you should keep in mind when buying a mattress.

Choosing a good mattress – facts

The best mattress is one that supports your body shape well

The best mattress for you is one that provides good support to your body in a neutral position. Your spine has a curvature and it needs decent support while lying flat on the mattress. However, your other body parts such as head, shoulders, hips and legs also need proper support and alignment while sleeping. Too firm a mattress will put pressure on your body parts and thrown them out of alignment. However, if it is too soft, the pressure points will not be ably supported by it with the result that you will find your body aching in the morning when you get up.

How to choose a good mattress

If you like bounce

Do not go by the extra softness at the store when buying a mattress. After a few months of use, the puffy layer compresses and you will find that it is not coming back as it used to when you first saw it. It is better to buy a firm mattress that has been quilted well. You can choose mattresses with inner springs to have that bouncy feeling while sleeping.

If you like a firm mattress

Memory foam is the best for you if you get comfort sleeping over firm mattresses. These mattresses have a polyurethane core with very few springs inside. They adjust according to your body shape and provide great comfort. They do not sink much but provide good comfort.

If you sleep sideways

Many people sleep on one or the other side. These people should choose a mattress that is soft as it provides support to their shoulders and hips and they do not feel pressure points when they get up in the morning.

If you sleep on your stomach

You need a firm mattress so that your spine does not bow too much while sleeping. Such a mattress will keep your spine in proper alignment.

If you sleep on your back

You need a mattress that provides full support to your spine. It should be firm but at the same time should also be soft enough to not develop pressure points to give an aching back in the morning.

If you suffer from allergies

Memory foam and latex mattresses are best for you as they have antimicrobial properties. They also resist mold and bacteria to keep you away from allergies.

If your partner tosses and turns too much to disturb your sleep, find a mattress that allows you to adjust the firmness on both sides.


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