How to Choose a Snowboard

If you are fan of snowboarding knowing how to choose a snowboard is going to help you to enjoy that sport. Snowboarding is a very popular sport in countries with cold climate. It is a fun filled activity that requires sliding down over a steep slope covered with ice with this device strapped on one’s feet. No matter whether you are a first time snowboarder or a seasoned pro, buying a snowboard can be an overwhelming decision for you because of the availability of so many options. If you do not know how to choose a snowboard, you can easily spend your hard earned money on a board that is not right for the purpose or does not fit your fee. This article attempts to make it easier for you to buy the right snowboard by describing the factors you need to keep in mind while buying it.

How to choose a snowboard according to ability level

Your ability plays a crucial role in the selection of snowboard. You can be a novice, intermediate level snowboarder or a seasoned pro. There are different kinds of snowboards for people belonging to these three categories.

How to choose a snowboard

Snowboard for Beginner

You can consider yourself a beginner if you are still learning how to link turns. You must go according to standard length, width and weight requirements when buying a snowboard though you can also check out soft boards. Softer board means you have more control while sliding down on a slope. However, riding such a board is harder as you need to exert more effort. Thus, a soft board decreases your ability and it is prudent to strike a balance between stability and flex. As far as length is concerned, keeping it shorter will give you better control and though it will slow you down a bit, you can keep up with your friends while snowboarding.

Snowboard for Intermediate level

If you have been snowboarding for a couple of seasons and finding your feet, it is time to look for snowboards with some advance features. You can get a snowboard that suits your style of snowboarding while staying in your weight and size ranges. You can get an all mountain snowboard to improve your style of snowboarding. If you like to do laps in the park, a freestyle snowboard might be a good idea.

Snowboard for Seasoned pro

If you think you know it all and you have mastered most of the tricks of snowboarding, it is time to choose the snowboard that helps in snowboarding with ease. You need a snowboard that works out best according to your skills and style of snowboarding. You are now in a position to get into technical specifications and you also know how to fine tune a snowboard to get the most out of it. You are now ready to look at the profile shape, the side cut, and the carbon bars.

How to choose a snowboard according to Snowboard size

It is important to pick the right size depending upon your height and weight. It can be a frustrating experience if you have the wrong size equipment when snowboarding as half the fun is gone and you also find it difficult to learn new skills. The best way of choosing the length of the snowboard is to stand upon it and check the tip if it aligns with the tip of your nose. If you are heavier than the weight range in your category, it is better to find a snowboard that is flexible enough. More important in your case is the ability of the board to support your weight. You must buy a snowboard that is long enough to support your body weight so that it does not break into two when hitting a tree on a slope.

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How to choose a snowboard according to riding style and terrain

All mountain snowboards are designed to snowboard in all terrains while freestyle snowboards shorter in length and favored by those who love to snowboard in parks, rails, jibs, tree trunks, etc . Split boards are for back country riding while Powder snowboards are meant for powder.

It is important to get the demo

All tips and advices on buying snowboards amount to nothing if you end up buying a board that you are not comfortable with. This is why it is important to check out several types of snowboards and have a little practice with them before buying the snowboard. Head straight to a rental shop and try out several sizes and shapes to find out the snowboard that works out best in your case.

There are different snowboards for women and kids. Do not forget to check out the prices of different snowboards and also check their durability before taking the plunge.



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