How to Learn a Language Fast

Learning a new language is never an easy task, but if you follow certain techniques, it won’t take you long to learn the language fast.  The following guidelines will help you to learn any language.

Some Good Tips to Learn a Language Fast

Connect with Native Speakers

Speech is the most important aspect of any language. So, the best way to learn a language is to speak it. If you can connect with a native speaker of that language, you have a good chance of learning the language fast.How to Learn a Language Fast - 1

Learn Pronunciation First

Speaking is the most important skill in a language. So, give more priority to pronunciation. Whenever you are learning a new word, find out how that word is pronounced and practice the pronunciation.

You can practice pronunciation by listening to radio programs, watching TV. There are also various interactive software and activities on the web that allows you to practice pronunciation.How to Learn a Language Fast -2

Learn Basic Phrases

Before you start writing and learning grammar, learn some basic phrases in the new language like How are you?, Good morning, My name is…., Goodbye, What is your name?How to Learn a Language Fast - 3

Learn Vocabulary

If you don’t know the vocabulary of a language, learning grammar makes no sense. Start with common words. Try making lists like days of the week, numbers, furniture, food, family members, etc.How to Learn a Language Fast - 4

Learn Basic Grammar First

Learn only the basic grammar first. Study areas like pronouns, Present tense, past tense, question forms and articles first. You can move on to complex grammar skills once you have skills like vocabulary and pronunciation.

How to Learn a Language Fast - 5

Use a Dictionary

Always use a dictionary. Whenever you find a new word, find the meaning and memorize it. You can also keep a small notebook and write down all the words you learn.

How to Learn a Language Fast - 6

Study Everyday

You can only learn a language through repetition. So, study the new language every day. Each day, memorize new words and phrases. Practice your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills every day.

How to Learn a Language Fast - 7

How to Improve Language Skills

Speaking Skills

You can improve your speaking skills by speaking with native speakers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process.

If you can’t connect with native speakers, try to find friends and colleagues who speak the language.

Listening Skills

You can listen to radio programs in the new language. Watch movies, cartoons, news, and other programs on the TV. If it is very difficult to understand, try dubbed versions of the TV programs you have already watched.

Reading Skills

Read books, articles, newspapers in the new language. You can start with simple level and gradually move on. Find translations of the books that you have enjoyed in the native language. Since you already know the content of the book, you’ll find it easy to understand.

Writing Skills

If you have good reading skills, your writing skills will also automatically improve. One of the best ways to practice writing is to keep a journal. You can also write the reviews of the TV programs and books you have used to develop the other three skills.

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