How to Plot Graph in Excel

Charts and graphs are mainly used to present complex information in a clear and concise manner. It will make data more visual and comprehensive. But some people find it is a struggle to plot graph with the use of the Excel software. For the benefit of those, we will explain how to plot graph in Excel, giving you simple guidelines with illustrations.

There are many versions of excel. So the excel software may come with a different interface. The steps involved in making the chart will be relatively the same in many instances.

How to Plot Graph in Excel

Step 1: Launch Excel

First you have to start the excel software.How to Plot Graph in Excel -1

How to Plot Graph in Excel -2

How to Plot Graph in Excel -3

Step 2: Insert data in the excel sheet

The required data will need to be inserted into the excel sheet. This data will be used to make the chart accordingly.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -4

Step 3: Select the data to be plotted

In the next step, the data needs to be selected in the following manner in order to continue with the creation of the chart.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -5

Step 4: Select Graph type

After the selection has been made, the user will need to move on to Insert on the Menu bar. This selection will display the following options.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -6

In the variety of options, the recommended chart will need to be selected. Here, the software will try to determine the best chart that would display the relevant information clearly.How to Plot Graph in Excel -7

How to Plot Graph in Excel -8

If the recommended charts do not match the need of the requirements of the user, there is a tab beside the recommended charts called all charts that will display all the charts that are available with excel.
How to Plot Graph in Excel -9

After selecting a chart, the OK button should be pressed. The graph will appear on the excel sheet.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -11

Step 4: Customize the Chart or the Graph

On the top right corner, there are three options. They are “Chart Elements, Chart styles, and Chart Filters. Chart elements like data labels, titles can be added to customize the chart further.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -13

The chart can be modified with a variety of options that are available with the design menu as shown below.

How to Plot Graph in Excel -12

The Add Chart elements can be used to add a variety of options to display the information more clearly. If this option is not visible, clicking anywhere near the chart will display the “design and format menu” options.  Both of these options can be used to customize the chart further.

The options also  include chart titles and axis titles. A variety of Chart styles can also be selected as shown above. This is applicable for other charts as well.

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