How to Put Viber Group Chat into Mute / Silent

Viber is an instant messaging and VoIP (voice over IP) client which is widely used by mobile users as an app on either iPhone or Android platforms. Viber has PC/MAC versions as well which could be used in desk computers with the same login as mobiles.

Sometimes, it may be very much disturbing when Viber starts playing sound for every incoming and outgoing messages. Some users delete the group or exit from the group due to this reason. However, there is another option to mute the group which relieves you from message sounds.

How to Mute Viber Group

(1) Launch Viber Application on Phone
(2) Select / Go to the group which you want to make it as mute
(3) Select the Settings by tapping the wheel button on the right hand top corner of the group
(4) Then turn mute group on

How to Mute Viber Group Chat

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