How to Stop Being Lazy

It is good at times to feel lazy as when you are tired and exhausted after doing hard work at office or studies. It is natural to feel lazy when it is too cold or too warm for your comfort. Laziness is both a state of mind as well as a physical state. You are passive and just enjoying things as they are. You want to remain idle doing nothing. However, when you start to feel lazy often and you find yourself resisting effort, it is time for some rethinking. To be able to do your chores as well as your important work at job or home, you need to have high levels of energy. You need to stop being lazy if you want to complete your daily tasks within time and with high efficiency.

Do you marvel at the energy levels of celebrities when you see them doing so many things at the same time? They are not superhuman beings, but they have learnt how to manage time effectively. Everyone has got the same 24 hours in a day. Then, why do some people seem to be doing so much in the same time than others who barely pass their time?

• If you are killing time, it is in fact time that is killing you.
• Time flies, they say, and time waits for none.
• However, you can learn the art of flying on the wings of time to make the most of the passing time.
• Time will pass away even if you do nothing. Then, why not stop being lazy and be active to achieve more in the same time?

People know the cons of being lazy like smoker know about the dangers of smoking

There are people who are aware of the dangers of laziness. They curse themselves and make promises to themselves that they will stop being lazy from next day but find themselves behaving in the same fashion again. These people are desperate to change their behavior, but they do not know how to stop being lazy. However, feeling guilty about being lazy is a negative emotion that can be counterproductive. Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.’

Focus Upon 2-3 Things at a Time

Most of the people who feel lazy all the time admit that they are bogged down by sheer amount of work that needs to be completed. People create a long list of things that they want to achieve but find them unable to move forward in a single direction. It is far better to focus upon only a few things at a time. It is a good strategy as it keeps you feeling in control of your surroundings. You also find the goals far more manageable when you break them down into smaller milestones.

Become Organized

Many people cannot understand the reason they feel so lethargic all the time. Look around your environment and you will soon find out the reason. If you are a student and do not have a timetable for the day, can you hope to study in an efficient manner? If you are a housewife and find the kitchen all cluttered with utensils and eatables can you feel good and complete your job of making a meal in a decent manner quickly? If you are in office and your table is full of all sorts of papers and documents lying in a haphazard manner can you complete the task given by your boss effectively? It pays to be organized and orderly as you can think and act quickly and decisively. You will find your efficiency and productivity going up once you have cleared the mess and organized things in a better manner.

Proper Sleep and Exercise

It is good to feel energetic and to stop being lazy, but you cannot go on working all the time. Your body needs proper rest to recuperate and get back energy it needs to perform your daily tasks at high efficiency. You not only need to get eight-hour sleep at night, you also need to indulge in some form of physical activity to give exercise to your bones, muscles, and heart.

Get the Motivation

Some people cannot stop being lazy as they cannot see the benefits of being active and unenergetic. Motivation is very important to push you into action. If you think about the benefits that will come your way when you work and take action, you will obviously feel motivated to spring into action.

Stop Thinking Negatively

What will happen is one phrase that stops people in their tracks when they want to do some work. You should not think about what will happen or what others will say. This is a vicious circle as you tend to postpone work all the time by thinking about the consequences . Do not let a job to nagg at the back of your mind for long. The best time to do something is now rather than doing it later.

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