How to Take Measurements for Women

Knowing how to take measurements for women is very useful when you go to buy women’s clothes that fit well. Women are conscious about their measurements as they want to wear clothes that are good fitting and make them look attractive. However, knowing your bust, waist and hip measurements are not enough to get a good fitting dress unless you know how to take women dress measurements. Of course, you can get a dress tailored according to your body measurements but you should know your accurate measurements when buying a ready-made women’s dress. This article teaches you how to take your own measurements.

You can take your body measurements easily with the help of a cloth tape. Make sure that the tape is snug and not taut when measuring body parts. Also, keep the tape in level as otherwise you may get a wrong measurement. The most important body parts needing measurement in the case of a woman are bust, waist, hips and inseam. For shirts and trousers, you also need to measure your arms and upper thighs.

Method to take measurements for women

Bust measurement

Raise your arms and ask your friend to measure the bust under your armpits in such a manner that he keeps one end of the tape at the fullest part of one breast and then wraps the tape to come back to this point. This measurement should be taken roughly around your shoulder blades. Do not pull the tape in a bid to have the satisfaction that you have a small bust as you will get a dress that will not be comfortable.

How to take measurements for women

Waist measurement

Measure the circumference of your waist where it is the smallest. This is a point about an inch above your navel. Do not take the measurement when you have inhaled as it will give a wrong measurement. Measure when you have thrown out your breath and are in a relaxed state. To make sure that you measure your waist, bend to the side and you should see creases at the point from where you have measured.

Hip measurement

Wrap your hips at their widest with the cloth tape and come back to the starting point. Make sure that the tape remains level. If you cannot see the level of the tape, try measuring your hips in front of a mirror.

Inseam measurement

This is the length from your crotch down to the end of your ankles. If you are taking this measurement wearing a trouser, ask a friend to measure the length by holding the lower end of the crotch of the trouser down to the ankles. If you are doing it alone, you can simply measure the length from the bottom of the crotch of your best fitting trouser down to where it ends.

Thigh measurement

This is necessary if you have thick thighs and ready-made pants do not fit easily. Measure the circumference of your thighs where they are fullest.

Sleeve measurement

You need to measure the length of your sleeve if you are buying a full sleeved shirt. Keep a hand on your hips and then measure the total length down from the shoulder joint to your wrists.

You can ask for assistance from a family member if you are not able to take all of your measurements on your own. 


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