How to take Men’s Measurements for Clothing

Since ready-made garments have become very popular these days and very few men go in for stitching of their shirts, trousers and suits, knowing how to take men’s measurements for clothing is very important. If you have gone into a men’s ready-made store, you are not sure which shirt or trouser size would fit you to give maximum comfort. This, usually, happens as most men are not aware of their body measurements. This is a common problem faced by most men these days. If you do not know how to take men’s measurements for clothing, this article will teach it to you so that you become aware of your body size. This will help you considerably when buying ready-made clothing items.

The important parts of your body that are required to be measured are your neck, chest, waist, hip, seat, shirt length, sleeve length, etc. All you need to know your body measurements is a measurement tape and a full length mirror. Best measurements can be taken when you are undressed or wearing clothing that is lightweight. Just stand straight and ask your friend to take the measurements. Ask the friend to keep the tape taut but not too tight as it will result in wrong measurements that are one size shorter than your actual size.

Method to take men’s measurements for clothing

Neck measurement

You can ask your friend to measure the base of your neck by keeping the tape snug and not tight. Alternatively, you can measure the distance between the neck button and the button hole at the other end of the shirt to find your neck measurement. If your neck measures 17 ¾, you need to go for a ready-made shirt with a neck size of 18 inches.

Shoulder measurement

Ask the friend to measure your shoulder from end to end just above the armpits. Keep the tape straight and measure the distance between these two points to get the measurement of your shoulders.

Sleeve measurement

Sleeve length is very important while buying a shirt as longer or shorter sleeves can spoil the fit and your comfort. Length of your sleeve is measured from the joint of your shoulder down to your wrist bone. To take this measurement, you need to fold your arm and keep it placed on your hip to make sure that the length is not measured shorter than it is.

Chest measurement

To measure your chest, ask your friend to take the measurement from under your armpits while you raise your arms. This allows for measurement of the chest at its widest point to allow for maximum comfort when wearing the shirt.

How to take men's measurements for clothing

Waist measurement

Men have started to wear jeans and casual pants very low from their hips, but you should take the measurement of your waist around your navel if you are going in for a trouser. Ask your friend to keep the tape loose to ensure your comfort. Tight pants are uncomfortable while you can easily take care of a bit loose pant with the help of a belt.

Hip measurement

Keep your legs a few inches apart and ask your friend to measure your hips where they are at their widest.

Inseam measurement

This is the length from your crotch down to where you want your pant length to end. If your friend cannot take this length conveniently, you can always measure the length from the crotch down to the end of the trouser that fits best.

Do not forget to take the measurement of your wrist by measuring the circumference of your wrist. Keep an allowance of a few millimetres to ensure your comfort while wearing your full sleeved shirt.



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