What are the Things to do in Bangalore

You might be wondering what are the things to do in Bangalore while you are there, if you are planning to visit the city. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is a beautiful mega city in the state of Karnataka. It is a well developed and very advanced and modern city. It is the capital of Karnataka and has scores of historic monuments and beautiful places to see. If you happen to be in this city and do not know ‘what are the things to do in Bangalore’, this article lists seven must visit places and things to do in Bangalore for you.

Things to do in Bangalore

1. Morning walk in the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

This famous botanical garden began as a private park for Hyder Ali, the famous rule of Mysore but got converted into a sprawling 240 acre public park later on. This huge park is covered with lush green vegetation and you can have a relaxed morning walk or stroll in the park on the special track made for the morning walkers. There is also a popular Glass House inside the structure that has been modeled after the Crystal Palace in London. The famous biannual flower show of the city takes place here.

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2. Relax your body at Angsana Spa Center

Angsana is a very famous spa center in the garden city that gives you the opportunity to pamper your senses. There are 23 rooms meant to provide different kinds of treatments to the visitors. The huge structure has many lawns and pools inside. They make use of many aromatic oils and techniques to massage body parts to bring deep relaxation inside your body and mind.

3. Have a sumptuous meal at Nagarjuna

If you want to have a taste of the real and delicious south Indian foods, Nagarjuna is the place to visit in Bangalore. This is a canteen like eating place where they keep on serving you different dishes until you are full and ask them to stop. Forget about plates and spoons as you are served food on a banana leaf. Eat like a local to enjoy the quintessential south Indian.

4. Watch movie outdoors

There is a place in Bangalore where there is enough space to allow 1000 people to watch movies on a giant screen under the sky. The place is called Nalapad Pavilion and it is situated on the Palace grounds. People come in their cars and watch moonlit cinema stretching on their bean bags, chairs, and even beds.

5. Retreat to Cubbon Park

If you are tired from the hustle and bustle of the city and looking for a retreat in the lap of nature, Cubbon Park is the place you should be in. Spread over a sprawling 300 acres, it is this park that justifies the name of garden city for Bangalore. Immerse yourself in the company of nature as you take a walk along the trees. There is also a track to allow you to go for an early morning jog if you so desire.

6. Visit Bangalore Palace

This palatial building took almost a hundred years to be completed and it is the pride of the city today. It is built in the Tudor style architecture, and you are stunned and surprised to see this imposing palace when you first see the Bangalore Palace. This palace is today used to organize private parties. It is said that King Chamaraja Wodeyar was so inspired by the Windsor Castle during his visit to England that he decided to make a replica here.

What are the things to do in Bangalore

7. Gaze the Mysore Saree Udyog

If you want to be under a spell, do not forget to visit this huge fabric shop that is a treasure house for ladies as it sells silk and zari sarees. There is an unbelievable range of sarees and dress materials here to spend an entire evening shopping or just gazing at the wonderful fabrics and garments.


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