What is Gujarat Model of Development

In recent times, especially during Lok Sabha Elections 2014, there was much talk about Gujarat model of development. This phrase has been put forward by the leaders of BJP and the supporters of the party to showcase the economic strides made by the tiny state of Gujarat in the last decade or so. These people want it to be replicated at the national level to help India grow economically at a faster rate than it has been doing without it. However, most of the people around the country are unaware of what exactly is meant by this phrase. What is Gujarat model of development will become clear to you after reading this article as it attempts to delve deeper into this model.

Gujarat model of development based upon business-friendly administration

With Modi and the BJP basking in the glory after the recent victory in General Elections, it is only natural for the Prime Minister to boast of the rapid economic progress that the state of Gujarat made under his leadership in the last ten years or so. The Gujarat model of development is based upon or focused upon trade and a business-friendly administration. 

Gujarat is today a top automotive player

One can easily recall the year 2000 when Tata Motors was compelled to leave West Bengal after having entered into an agreement with the state government for establishing a plant in Singur to manufacture its ambitious Nano cars. It was then that Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat promised all help and assistance to Tata Motors in building a plant on Sanand in Gujarat. The rest is history now as Gujarat has today become a major automotive player and in fact rubbing shoulders with the automotive leader Tamil Nadu.

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Gujarat model of development based upon infrastructure development

Gujarat produces abundant electricity despite having no coal resources

Gujarat is a state with limited resources as it is almost a desert and the strengths if any, are its long coastline and the entrepreneurial abilities of the people of Gujarat. It goes to the credit of Narendra Modi that this tiny state is today regarded as the most developed state with a high per capita income. There is no coal mines in this state and yet Gujarat produces lots of electricity to meet the energy requirements of the people as well as the industry.

No big cities to support economy

Unlike Karnataka and Maharashtra that boast of mega cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively, Gujarat does not have large cities to provide employment opportunities for its people. These two cities drive the economies of their respective states. To overcome this shortcoming, Narendra Modi has carried out a massive urbanization program while transforming the capital city of Ahmedabad. Today, Gujarat is among the top states of the country as far as urbanization is concerned.

What is Gujarat model of development

Boost to tourism

Despite not having major tourist attractions, Gujarat today ranks as a top tourist destination in India and earns a big revenue from tourism. There is no Kashmir valley or a Taj Mahal in Gujarat, but impressive advertisement and appointment of Amitabh Bachchan to promote tourism has given a fillip to tourism in the state.

Gujarat model of development has focused upon energy and other aspects of infrastructure. There have been massive investments on constructions of roads and highways. This has led to faster and more efficient links between ports and cities. The state has also cut down on red tape that has made the state a better place for industrialists and business houses. Because of business-friendly policies, Gujarat has been able to attract top industrialists of India.


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