What is Lotus Temple

For those of you who do not know what is Lotus temple, or Baha’i Temple, it is a monument in the Indian Capital Delhi and a major tourist attraction. Lotus Temple is called Baha’i Temple as it is a place of worship for the followers of Baha’i faith. This monument arouses curiosity in the minds of visitors as it is constructed in the shape of a lotus flower. People who have not seen it or know about it do not know the reason behind the architecture of this monument. This article presents you with some interesting information about this wonderful lotus shaped Baha’i temple and the reason for its architecture.

History and Architecture of the Lotus Temple or Baha’i Temple

Lotus Temple was constructed in the year 1986 and the architecture was designed by a prominent Persian architect by the name of Fariborz Sahba. Lotus is not just a beautiful flower as it is also a symbol of peace and wealth in Indian culture. The reason behind giving the temple the shape of a lotus signifies the desire of the people behind the construction of this monument. This Baha’i temple is made using white marble and dolomite and it contains nine pools inside. Baha’i faith being an all inclusive faith welcomes people of all religions with open arms and this is the reason this magnificent structure welcomes all people to come inside and offer their prayers.

What is Lotus Temple

Inside Lotus Temple 

The atmosphere inside the lotus temple is very relaxing. The inner core of the temple, also called the sanctum, has a capacity to allow 200 people to worship at the same time. There are seven major Baha’i temples in the world and this one in Delhi serves as the Mother Temple in the subcontinent. The ambience is so serene and calm that people visiting this temple say that they get relaxed and feel as if they have been healed from the inside by simply sitting silent inside the temple for some time. There are nine doors in and all of them open to a central hall inside the temple.

More about Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple welcomes people of all faiths. There is much more than meets your eye when you go and visit the Lotus Temple. Behind its magical architecture lies the belief that the day will come when all human beings will be equal and they will not be treated on the basis of their religion, caste or creed. There will not be any discrimination on the basis of the color of the skin of the human beings either. The architect who designed the structure 25 years ago feels that the spiritual feelings spread by this temple are universal in nature. However, these values for which the Lotus Temple stands proudly have become weak in present times. This is the reason this structure is relevant even more in present times.

Baha’i faith talks about oneness of all religions and unity of mankind. The Lotus Temple reflects these feelings. There is no clergy in Baha’i faith and you will be surprised to find that there are only texts belonging to this religion inside this temple.

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