What is the Difference Between Blazer and Tuxedo

The main difference between blazer and tuxedo is that a blazer is a casual jacket similar to a suit jacket, whereas a tuxedo is a formal suit.

Men can wear both blazers and tuxedos for formal occasions. However, blazers are also suitable for casual outings, while tuxedos are suitable only for formal occasions. In brief, blazers are more versatile than tuxedos since they are suitable for a variety of occasions.  

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Difference Between Blazer and Tuxedo - Comparison Summary

What is a Blazer

A blazer is a type of jacket similar to a suit jacket. It is a less rigid and less formal suit that is ideal for casual occasions. Blazers are tailored from solid color fabrics and are considered all-purpose, adaptable men’s jackets.

Normally, the material used to stitch the blazers are durable. They can be worn with any type of trousers, including khakis, fine wale corduroy, or tartan trousers. They are also a part of some uniforms; for example, uniforms of school students in commonwealth countries, members of sports clubs, yachting and rowing clubs, and airline employees. One can wear the blazers with different clothes for different occasions; for instance, open-necked polo shirts, jeans, and loafers for casual outings or pristine broadcloth dress shirts with a tie for formal occasions.

There are two types of blazers as single-breasted and double-breasted. The single-breasted variety has one, two, or three buttons on the front, and they are good for festive occasions, weddings, celebrations, or office outings. The double-breasted variety has two columns of two and three buttons in the front. These are more formal and good for formal functions like conferences or office meetings. Out of these, the most popular is the double-breasted, classic jacket with buttons. Blazers can come in a variety of colors black, midnight blue, or simple dark blue, and navy blue is the most popular color.

Blazer vs Tuxedo

An authentic blazer has three important aspects: the fabric, the cut, and the buttons. Tailors use fabrics like twill, flannel, and cashmere for cooler weather and fabrics like silk, linen, serge, lightweight cashmere, or tropical worsted weaves for warm weather.

What is a Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a dinner suit for a formal evening. It has primary satin facings on the jacket’s lapels and buttons, plus a matching stripe on the outer seam of the trousers. Generally, this suit is black or white and worn with formal shirts and shiny leather shoes. In modern fashion, tuxedos also come in colors like midnight blue, navy, ivory, burgundy, and maroon.

Tuxedos were introduced in the 1600s in England but were not considered formal until 1865. At present, they are popular formalwear and people wear them with various types of accessories such as studs for shirts, vests, pocket squares, bow ties, watches, and cuff links. Men wear them for occasions like weddings, proms, award ceremonies, etc. Tuxedos should be a good fit without being too loose or too tight.

Compare Blazer and Tuxedo - What's the difference?

The material of the tuxedo trouser should match the jacket, and the trouser should be high-waisted to avoid the tuxedo shirt peeking out from under the waistcoat when the jacket is open. The shirt should be plain white. Bow ties are common when wearing tuxedos, and their material should be the same as the dinner jacket.

Difference Between Blazer and Tuxedo


A blazer is a type of jacket similar to a suit jacket, while a tuxedo is a dinner suit for a formal evening.


Blazers are for casual and formal occasions, while tuxedos are for formal or semi-formal occasions.


Moreover, blazers are more suitable for casual outings or outdoor meetings, while tuxedos are suitable for weddings, charity services, award ceremonies, and formal evening events.


Blazers are available in many colors, but navy blue is the most famous color, while tuxedos are generally black or white.


Furthermore, one can wear blazers with formal pants or casual jeans, while people wear tuxedos with formal pants with a matching satin stripe on the outer leg of the pants.


While blazers are worn with simple shirts or open-necked polo shirts, tuxedos are worn with pleated shirts and accessories.

Bow or Tie

Blazers can be worn with a tie, while tuxedos are worn with a bow.


A blazer is a type of jacket similar to a suit jacket. Men wear them for both formal and casual occasions. A tuxedo, on the other hand, is a dinner suit for a formal evening. Men only wear tuxedos for formal occasions. The main difference between a blazer and a tuxedo is that blazers are more versatile than tuxedos as they are suitable for a variety of occasions.  


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