What is the Difference Between Judaism and Christianity

The main difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Judaism is a monotheistic religion founded by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, while Christianity is a monotheistic religion founded by Jesus Christ.

Although Judaism and Christianity are Abrahamic religions, there are considerable distinctions between these two religions.

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Difference Between Judaism and Christianity - Comparison Summary

What is Judaism

Judaism is an Abrahamic and ethnic religion that originated in the Middle East regions. Judaism is a monotheistic religion that emerged with the Jews. Like most other religions, Judaism also has a holy book. We call this holy book the “Tanakh” or “Hebrew Bible.” Jewish people attend their prayers and services at the synagogue (their religious place) on Saturdays. Furthermore, Jewish people have a special occasion called Shabbat. It is the most important time for the Jews in the week. This special period starts on Friday evenings and ends on Saturdays.

Judaism vs Christianity

Within the religion of Judaism, there are distinctive religious movements. Today, there is modern Judaism, and the modern branches of Judaism, such as Humanistic Judaism, are considered as materialistic or nontheistic. A person who teaches religion or a religious leader is known as a “rabbi.” Moreover, there are different celebrations in the Jewish religion. In addition, one of the main celebrations is known as the Mitzvah celebration, where a boy or a girl promises to keep God’s commands.

What is Christianity

Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that explains the teaching of Jesus. Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with the largest number of followers. It has played a prominent role in the development of western civilization. Furthermore, the holy book of Christianity is the Bible, and Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Their prayers and masses take place on Sundays, and most Christians go for Sunday masses at the church.

Compare Judaism and Christianity - What's the difference?

Christianity has its main diversification as western and eastern branches. Moreover, there are four main branches of Christianity. They are Catholic Church, Protestantism, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Christians shape their lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As they believe, Jesus taught people to love God and love their neighbors. Many churches have special gatherings called communion, eucharist, or mass. At the ends of these masses, Christians share bread and wine like Jesus did with his followers before his death. Jesus was crucified on a cross as a criminal by Romans, and according to Christian belief, Jesus rose after three days from the dead. Furthermore, according to Christian teachings, God sent Jesus to live as a human being to save humanity from bad things.

Similarities Between Judaism and Christianity

  • Both Judaism and Christianity and Abrahamic religions.
  • Moreover, Judaism and Christianity are monotheistic religions.

Difference Between Judaism and Christianity


Judaism refers to a monotheistic religion that emerged with Jews, whereas Christianity refers to a monotheistic religion that provides the teaching of Jesus Christ.


Christians are the followers of Christianity, whereas Jews are the followers of Jews.

Place of Worship

Although Jews attend their prayers at the synagogue (their religious), Christians attend their prayers in churches.

Prayer Days

In Judaism, prayers are known as Shabbat and their Shabbat days are from Friday evening to Saturday, whereas Christians use mass for their prayers, and they have the mass on Sundays.


Although Judaism was founded by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity.


In conclusion, the main difference between Judaism and Christianity is their origins; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses are the founders of Judaism while Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity.


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