Difference Between Educator and Teacher

Main Difference – Educator vs Teacher

Educator and teacher are two words that appear to be synonyms at first, but there are subtle differences between these two words. When compared with educator, teacher merely refers to a job title; teacher is a person who teaches in a school. But, an educator is a person who educates students. A good teacher can be called an educator. This is the main difference between educator and teacher.Difference Between Educator and Teacher - infographic

Who is an Educator

An educator is a person who provides instruction or education. An educator is usually seen as a mentor, instructor, or a trainer. The difference between educator and teacher is that educator educates whereas teacher teachers. That is to say, an educator does not merely teach, he gives sure his students intellectual, moral, and social instructions. An educator is skilled at teaching; he focuses on development and evaluation. He evaluates students’ progress and adjusts the course or his teaching to suit the students’ level.

A person can be an educator without being a teacher. For example, parents are a child’s first and most influential educators.

It is also important to note that some writers used the term educator as a more formal and elegant term for teacher. In such contexts, educator is really a synonym for teacher.Difference Between Educator and Teacher

Who is a Teacher

A teacher is a person who teaches children in school. Teaching is a profession, i.e., it is a paid occupation that requires a special training or formal qualifications. Teaching typically involves imparting theoretical knowledge. For example, a Science teacher teaches theories, formulas, and information about science. He or she may also teach the students how to apply this knowledge practically. A teacher is more focused on curriculum, syllabus, and assessments. However, a good teacher is an educator.

The job title of a teacher is generally associated with primary and secondary education. In tertiary education, teachers are known as lecturers and professors. A teacher is typically a permanent position in a school. Main Difference - Educator vs Teacher

Difference Between Educator and Teacher


Educator refers to a person who gives intellectual, moral, and social instructions.

Teacher is a job title: a person who teaches students at a school.

Educate vs Teach

Educator educates students.

Teacher teaches students.


Educator is a skilled teacher.

All teachers are not educators.


Educator focuses on the development and progress.

Teacher focuses on curriculum and syllabus.


Educator may not be formally qualified.

Teachers are usually formally qualified and trained.

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