Difference Between Teacher and Trainer

Main Difference – Teacher vs Trainer

Teaching and training are two related professions, and many people do not understand the difference between teacher and trainer since there is an overlap in these two fields. This article attempts to explore the differences between teaching and training. The main difference between teacher and trainer lies in the type of knowledge they impart; teachers impart theoretical knowledge whereas trainers impart practical knowledge.

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Who is a Teacher

A teacher is a person who has a sum of knowledge, concepts and theories that he or she transfers to a group of students through various methods. Therefore, teaching typically involves transferring or imparting theoretical knowledge. A teacher may teach theories, formulas, and information about his subject and may also teach the students how to apply this knowledge practically. A teacher’s job, however, doesn’t only involve imparting knowledge, his job also involves various roles such as interacting with students, facilitating learning, mentoring and instructing. Teachers’ also have to follow a syllabus and curriculum

The job title teacher is usually associated with primary and secondary education. In tertiary education, educators are known as lecturers and professors. Teaching certification from a university or a college is a basic requirement to become a teacher, however, in some schools, a bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject can suffice as a qualification.

Difference Between Teacher and Trainer

Who is a Trainer

A trainer is a person who trains people to do things. A trainer’s job involves teaching practical skills or types of behavior. Trainers use specialized courses that target practical or technical skills. Their main aim is to develop the competency and skill sets in the trainees to perform effectively and efficiently. A trainer’s duties also involve instructing, training and motivating the trainees. A trainer also has to create a training plan, choose relevant training methods, and prepare training materials and aid.

The job title trainer is usually seen in the field of sports and athletics. The term trainer is also used in Human Resource field where employees receive special training to develop specific competencies.

Main Difference - Teacher vs  Trainer

Difference Between Teacher and Trainer


Teacher is someone who teaches.

Trainer is someone who trains.

Type of Knowledge

Teacher imparts theoretical knowledge.

Trainer imparts practical knowledge.

Theories vs Skills

Teacher teaches concepts and theories.

Trainer teaches technical and practical skills.

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