Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2

Main Difference – Google Pixel C vs iPad Air 2

The main difference between Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2 is that Google Pixel C has a more detailed, larger display, a square aspect ratio, and a proprietary keyboard whereas  Apple iPad Air 2 comes with a larger built-in storage and is supported by third party keyboards. 

Although iPad Air 2 is a relatively older device, it still is able to compete with Google Pixel C in many regards. The latest Google Pixel C comes with a powerful hardware platform but lacks software support, which iPad Air 2 and many Apple devices’ can claim of having. Let us take a closer look at both Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2 and see what are the differences and similarities between them.

Google Pixel C Review – Features and Specifications

Google Pixel C is produced to be more than just a tablet. It intends to take the tablet to the next level by not only functioning as a portable device but by accomplishing many tasks performed by a laptop. Like many of its rivals, Google has opted to make the tablet evolve into a device that is more productive than a traditional tablet. The Google Pixel C comes with a keyboard which has been developed for this purpose. Although this device has its pros, there are some issues that need to be addressed as well. Some may think that the user experience may not justify the price tag on the device. This product is Google’s first tablet to be built by Google itself. Previous versions of the Nexus tablets were built with the partnerships of HTC or Samsung.


The size of the display stands at 10.2 inches with is great screen real-estate for a tablet. The resolution of the device is 2560×1800, which is one of the best pixel density screens available in the market. The screen is a bit reflective, whereas Apples has developed an anti-reflective coating to counter this effect.

Operating System

The Google Pixel C runs Android’s latest operating System, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow


The 32 GB model of the Google Pixel C cost $500 and the Bluetooth keyboard, which turns the device into a hybrid laptop come at a cost of $150.


The Google Pixel C has developed the Google Pixel C in a way that it represents the future of tablet computing. Its expectation is for the device to be more productive without losing many of the tablet’s key features like portability, internet access, and a large screen which made the tablets popular.


The design of the Google Pixel C is based on the Chrome book which was also solely manufactured by Google. The software features that come with the device are mainly based on the Nexus tablets. A keyboard can also be attached with the use of a magnet in order to make it a productive device. This keyboard addition has been introduced to compete with rivals like the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro in an efficient manner.

The outer shell of the device is manufactured using anodized aluminum. It is a simple and solid device which has been manufactured elegantly. Another feature to note is that there is no brand printed outside; there is only a light bar which  indicates the logo colors of Google. By tapping on this bar, the user can get to know  the amount of battery that is present in the device.

Keeping aside the productivity features, the Google Pixel C performs as a tablet and is ideal for watching movies. Audio features are also excellent; thanks to the dual speakers which come with the device. These speakers produce great sounds to listen to music and watch movies too. Although iPad Pro is a slightly better device when producing sound with the use of four speakers, the Google Pixel C is not far behind. The magnetic stand, which has been designed to hold the device on the keyboard, can be adjusted to various angles for comfortable viewing.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight of the device is 499g; a bit high compared to devices like the iPad Air 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Combined with the device and the keyboard, the device weighs close to a light laptop found in the market. The dimensions are 242 x 179 x 7 mm.


The memory of the device is an ample 3GB and the power under the hood is produced by a Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which is ideal for gaming.


The magnetic hinge which comes with the keyboard is used to firmly connect the device. It can be rotated just like the display found on a laptop. The keyboard charges inductively when being closed; it protects the screen and uses the same aluminum exterior as found with the Google Pixel C. The magnetic grip is so strong that it does not separate even when lifting it up and holding it upside down. The keyboard pairs with the tablet with the aid of Bluetooth. Typing can be done on the keypad comfortably. The keys on the keyboard have been placed in a systematic manner which provide the typist a good key size even if the keyboard is of limited size. The lack of a trackpad is a bit disappointing although the whole screen can be considered a trackpad of a sort.


As with many of the tablets produced in the past, the camera is not a highlighted aspect in the whole set up. It seems to be the same case with the Google Pixel C which comes with a rear camera that has a resolution of 8 MP and a front snapper of 2.1 MP. The rear camera performs well in daylight but as the light drops or in other words, in low light conditions, the images produced will have more noise and less detail. The front facing camera can also be used for selfies and video calls. The camera is supported by the Google camera App which comes with many modes for shooting. Tablets are not usually used for photography and will sometimes be awkward to take in public.


The main problem with the Google Pixel C is, although it has been designed to be a productive device there are aspects like the split screen which cannot be opened up using the device. According to rumors, Google is working on this feature. Google Pixel C is not so successful as Samsung and Apple that come with many tools to make the device work friendly. Some applications even fail to make use of the 10-inch screen real-estate, which is disappointing. Another problem with Google Pixel C is that it is not supported by many productive apps as Apple which makes it less preferable for productive tasks. The device can be considered ideal for getting light work done and can turn out to be a useful companion on the go.


The battery will be sufficient to last throughout the day easily; the device also comes with inductive charging for the keyboard, USB type C port for charging and magnetic attachment features.

Main Difference - Google Pixel C vs. iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Air 2 Review – Features and Specifications

Although iPad Air 2 was released almost a year ago, this device, even today, seems to be up there among the best. When iPad Air 2 was released, some considered it to be too big. But after the release of the iPad Pro, now it seems to be the perfect portable tablet. With the optimized combination of the iOS 9 and the powerful processor, it is one of the best tablets around from a performance point of view. It also comes with split screen capabilities; thanks to the iOS 9 OS, which is a great asset for a productive user. If we are to compare the device with the Apple’s latest Product, which is the iPad Pro, there are a number of advantages that come with the device. The device performs faster and is bigger and has add-ons like the Pencil which is a great addition to creative and productive users. But all these option come with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a device from Apple which comes with a lower price tag and offer good performance and speed, Apple iPad Pro will be the ideal device. 


The display is standard 9.7 inches in size and is very sharp and crisp, which is ideal for viewing on the screen. It is ideal for watching movies as well as handling multitasking when compared with other smaller products of Apple as iPad mini 2 and Mini 4.


With the attachment of the keyboard, the portable device will become a great writing tool which will be portable at the same time. 


The specialty of the iPad Air 2 is, it has a balance in all the aspects that are needed for a tablet device. It is the ideal device for reading, viewing, and playing all in one. This also increases the productivity aspect of a device which is becoming popular these days. The design and size of the device are ideal for carrying it around. Apple’s split screen and the keyboard attachment makes it a great writing tool for productivity. Although there is no trackpad with the supported keyboards for this device, it still can be considered a small laptop, which will be great to have in an emergency.

The iPad Air also has TouchID for extra security and Apple Pay for easy payments.


The iPad device had the 5MP resolution camera for a long period of time on its rear snapper, but the iPad Air 2 comes with an 8MP camera. This is the same resolution camera that is found on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus but those use 1.5 micro pixels whereas the iPad uses a smaller 1.12 micro pixels. This means the iPad Air 2 comes with a smaller sensor, where less light will be captures by the sensor generating more noise. The aperture of the iPad Air 2 is f/2.4 which will not let in much light. Daylight captures will be up to mark where colors will be accurate as well as the image will contain plenty of detail due to the additional light the camera receives. In low light conditions the image quality will drop considerably due to the lack of light.


The split screen capability comes with the iOS 9; it is the best feature on the iPad Air 2. Applications have the ability to work side by side which presents a real multitasking environment. Many applications are now coming optimized to support this feature, which will make split screen fast and more efficient. The Apple Air 2 has an older processor in the A8X, which is able to perform faster than iPad mini and it is not slow when going head to head with iPad Pro as many of the apps developed for the iPad Air 2 have been optimized.

Battery Life

The device will last for the standard 10 hours as most Apple devices do. This means regular charges will not be needed as with the phones of today.


The device also comes with additional RAM to help applications perform faster and for multitasking.


Although there are many cheaper alternatives in the market, The Apple iPad Air is a value for money device mainly because of the quality of iPad apps and the iOS 9 update that have made the product more useful and feature-filled. The only reason that could be given to go for the iPad Pro over the iPad Air would be the screen size and the accurate pencil tool that comes with the former.Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2

Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2


The Google Pixel C has the dimensions of 242 x 179 x 7 mm, the weight of the device is 499g, and the body is made up of aluminum.

The dimensions of iPad Air 2 are 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm and the weight of the device is 437g; the body is made up of aluminum.

The iPad Air 2 is a smaller device when compared with the Google Pixel C. It is also lighter making it a more portable device than the Google Pixel C.


Google Pixel C has a display size of 10.2 inches; the resolution of the display is 2560×1800, and the pixel density of the screen stands at 308ppi. The display is powered using IPS technology.

iPad Air 2 has a display which is 9.7 inches in size. The resolution of the display is 1536×2048 pixels, and the pixel density of the screen stands at 264 ppi. The display is powered using IPS LCD technology

For the above specs, it is evident that Google Pixel C has a better display than the older iPad Air 2. The size of the screen is also smaller which some users may prefer. There is also more screen space on the google pixel C, which will allow more content to be displayed. The Google Pixel C  will also have a more sharp and crisp display which will be more detailed as well.


Google Pixel C has a front facing camera, which comes with a resolution of 2.1 MP.

iPad Air 2 has a front-facing camera with a resolution of 1.2 MP.

Although Google Pixel C comes with a higher resolution, it is hard to predict the quality of the image as the sensors on the devices will ultimately determine the overall quality of the image.


The Google Pixel C comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and built with an octa-core Nvidia Tegra X1 processor. The processor is also designed using a 64-bit architecture. The graphics are powered by NVIDIA Maxwell GPU and the memory available on the device is 3 GB. The built-in storage of the device is 64 GB.

iPad Air 2 comes with iOS 8/iOS 9 operating system and Apple A8X processor; the triple core processor has a clocking speed of 1500MHz and is designed using a 64-bit architecture. It also comes with an M8 motion coprocessor.  The graphics are powered by PowerVR GXA6850 GPU, and the memory that the device holds is 2GB. The built-in storage of the device is 128 GB.

The iPad Air 2 come with more storage space, and the Google Pixel C comes with additional memory. The performance of both devices cannot be compared with only these specs as Apple devices are usually optimized with software, which means they will be able to perform even better than Android powered devices. Both devices do not support expandable storage.Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Air 2- infographic

Google Pixel C vs iPad Air 2 – Summary

Even though iPad Air 2 is an old device, it still is a powerful device which is cheaper compared with the Google Pixel C. Until iPad Air 3 is released next year, the iPad Air 2 will be able to be a rival of the Google Pixel C as it is on par with some of the features offered for a cheaper rate.

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