How to Improve Writing Skills

If you know how to improve writing skills, then it will aid in any field you work. Specially, writing skills are important for anyone who wishes to step in or advance in a career of writing, or for anyone who aspires to change the world with their words, or simply for people who wish to write for their contentment, or even for any student who wish to secure high grades for their writing assignments. Becoming a skilled writer requires great knowledge, expanded vocabularies, and most importantly outstanding writing skills. Also, it entails years of practice and patience. Amongst everything that requires to be an impeccable writer, this article seeks to explore how to improve writing skills. The term writing skills refers to a set of skills and talents need for writing.

Here are some tips to improve your writing skills


The first and foremost thing about any good writer is the fact that they read a lot. In order to be an excellent writer, it is crucial that you read both extensively and intensively. Extensive reading is reading for your own pleasure or enthusiasm while intensive reading is reading while analyzing the language used in the texts. Reading is important.

Write your thoughts; keep a journal to practice writing.

Practising writing is also important to improve your writing skills. One of the best ways to practise your writing is to write your thoughts and feelings down in your own personalized journal. Writing a journal would help you with a quick stream of ideas and writing them down as they freely flow in your head.

Engage in writing prompts

A number of writing resources, prompts, and exercises are available on the internet. These could be of immense importance to anyone who aspires to improve their writing skills. Workshops too are a very good means of prompting your writing skills, hence, if you find any, do not think twice to enroll.

Start from things you like

When you wish to improve your writing skills, it is important that you write! Without writing as much as possible, it is hardly believable that writing skills would improve. To start, it is best to write about things that you admire and prefer. When you write about things you like and admire, writing flow will automatically come to you. Later on, you can apply the same in writing on just about anything.

Admire writers you like; imitate to a limit

Admiring your preferred writers and analyzing their writing styles could also be of help to improve your writing skills. It is okay to imitate only up to a certain limit; a limit that is not far but, preferably closer. Do not confuse an imitation with plagiarism that is universally acknowledged as an intellectual crime. You can never have the right to copy someone else’s work and present it like yours. However, it is quite harmless to imitate to a certain extent. Try to learn from other writers.

Start writing; then edit

When you want to write, just write. You can have outlines to remember the things that you are going to write. For instance, if you are going to write a story, you can have an outline of when, who, where, what, why, and how : when does this story take place, who are the characters, where is it set, what do these characters do, why do they do those actions, and how do they achieve what they wanted to do…, etc. can be a few basic outlines. Then, write, write, and write! Do not forget that you must edit your own work before you get someone else’s assistance to proofread.

How to improve writing skills

Ultimately, there is no the handbook to improve writing skills; there can be many ways and means. However, the only thing that should be remembered, in order to improve one’s writing skills, is that the most important thing a person must do is writing! Start wording your thoughts right away. Do not stop until you become the writer you always wanted to be.

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