How to Improve Writing Style

Improving our writing style will help you to transmit information more clearly and communicate with your readers better. Some tips and hints are presented here to improve writing style.

There are two basic ways to improve your writing skills; they are reading and writing.


Reading other writers’ work will help you to observe and different writing styles and their features. Pay close attention to sentence structure, word choice and the flow of the writing. As you continue reading, you’ll be able to distinguish the difference between good writing and bad writing. Then you can identify features of these two kinds of writing and use/avoid them in your writing.


Reading other people’s work alone will not help you to improve your writing. You won’t be able to improve your writing style unless you keep practicing writing.

How to Improve Writing Style


Now we will look at some hints to improve writing styles.

How to Improve Writing Style

Know Your Grammar

Your reading will flow smoothly if you follow the correct grammar structures in English. If you are new to writing or if you haven’t written anything in a long time be sure to look at some grammar structures.

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Choose Words Carefully

English language has a large number of similar words. But each of these words may have different connotations. So it is important that you choose the word that is most appropriate to your context. This will help you to communicate the exact feeling or situation.

Try to avoid overused words such as good, bad, and ugly. Try to be more precise. For example, you can use words like sunny, helpful, kind, charming, innocent, etc. instead of good, depending on the context.

Use Straightforward Language

The main aim of writing should be to make your text as clear and concise as possible. Using formal and literary language will display your language knowledge, but what’s the use of using elevated language if your readers can’t understand what you are saying? So, always use simple and straightforward language in writing.

How to Improve Writing Style

Avoid Long Sentences

Avoiding long sentences is another way to make your text more simple and reader-friendly. The best way to do this is to make two or more short sentences from the long sentence. But this does not mean that you should only use short sentences in a text. Try to use a combination of short and long sentences. But always reread the long sentence to make sure the meaning is clear.

Avoid Repetition

Repetition is another common stylistic error made by many writers. This repetition of a word or an idea might sometimes be unintentional. For example, “a beginner who lacks experience” is a redundant phrase because beginner already means that he or she doesn’t have experience.

Use Punctuation Correctly

Always make sure that you have used punctuation correctly. Punctuation errors can sometimes change the meaning of a whole sentence or phrase. Such errors can also make reading tiresome.

Pay Attention to Structure

Always write according to a structure. Start your text with a brief introduction, but if you are not sure what to write your introduction, write it after you have completed the whole text. Use paragraphs to break your facts into logically self-contained units.

Edit and Proofread

Even the most experienced writers cannot write a perfect text in one go. Always edit and proofread your text. Don’t be afraid to change what you have already written.

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