What is the Difference Between Jackfruit and Durian

The main difference between jackfruit and durian is their size and inside appearance. Jackfruits are larger than durian. In addition,  the flesh of the jackfruit is inside small pockets with latex, whereas the flesh of the durian is within larger pockets inside, and it does not have latex. 

Jackfruit and durian are two types of tropical fruits that look similar in appearance. Both have a green color outer shell with spikes and change color when they ripen. Despite these similarities in appearance, there are numerous differences between jackfruit and durian.  

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1. What is Jackfruit
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2. What is Durian
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4. Difference Between Jackfruit and Durian
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Difference Between Jackfruit and Durian - Comparison Summary

What is Jackfruit

The jackfruit tree is considered the world’s largest fruit tree. Normally, a jackfruit tree is around 30 feet in height and 20 inches wide. Jackfruit trees produce jacks that weigh around 55kg. A matured jackfruit tree may produce around 300 fruits per year, and old trees may produce around 500 fruits per year. Jackfruit has its origin in the region between western ghats and south India. It is popular in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the rainforests of Philippines, and Malaysia. Jackfruits are widely cultivated in the tropical zones of the world because it suits tropical weather conditions.

Difference Between Jackfruit and Durian

Jackfruits have a hard shell with green spikes that changes to yellow when they ripen. Inside the hard shell, there is a thick, fibrous, cream-colored core surrounded by many fruit pods. This is the part we eat in jackfruits.

Jackfruit vs Durian

There are two types of jackfruits. One is mushy and small with a sweet taste (ripe), whereas the other one has crunchy flesh and is not sweet (unripe). Jackfruits are often used in South Asian cooking. Ripe jackfruits are mostly eaten raw as fruits, while unripe jackfruits are cooked in curries, stews, stir-fries, and salads. Jackfruits are rich in calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and calcium.

What is Durian

Durian is a large spiky tropical fruit with greenish color that becomes brownish when it ripens. There is a strong odor coming out from the fruit when it is ripening. The smell that comes out of ripe durian is loved by some but detested by some. When ripe, durian fruits crack open, which makes it easy to extract the edible fleshy parts inside. Inside the fruit, there is white or yellow flesh depending on the species. But cracking also distributes the strong aroma everywhere around you. In fact, durian is prohibited in some public areas of some countries because of this strong odor.

Compare Jackfruit and Durian - What's the difference?

Durian was originally harvested in tropical countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. But now, it is popular in most parts of Asia. Durian cannot be harvested at any time of the year. There is a season to get the durian harvest. Moreover, there are different types of species in durian as the Malaysian variety, Indonesian variety, and Thai variety. The taste may also differ on the species. Currently, durian is being exported to many European countries around the world. Durian is very expensive, especially when it is imported. Normally, a durian fruit weighs between one to three kilograms. Durian can be eaten raw or cooked. The flesh of durian is used for many other desserts and sweet food items in South Asian countries. The seeds of durian can also be consumed when they are cooked. Durian consists of nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and proteins.

Similarities Between Jackfruit and Durian

  • Both jackfruits and durian fruits grow in South Asian countries.
  • Jackfruit and durian have a green color outer shell with spikes.
  • Both fruits change color when they are ripe.
  • We can eat these fruits raw or cooked.
  • Each jackfruit and durian fruit contains seeds inside the flesh. These seeds are edible when cooked.

Differences Between Jackfruit and Durian


Jackfruit is a large spiky oval tropical fruit with a fibrous core with many fruit pods, while durian is a spiky oval tropical fruit containing a creamy pulp and a fetid smell.


Jackfruits are larger than durian fruits.


Durian has an overpowering odor, which makes some people hate the fruit. The odor of jackfruits is not as strong as that of durian.

Inside of Fruits

In jackfruits, the flesh is inside small pockets with latex, whereas in durian, the flesh is inside larger pocks and does not contain latex.

Texture of flesh

When ripened, the texture of jackfruit is sweet and crunchy, whereas the texture of durian is creamy and softer.


Although durian is a seasonal fruit that gives one harvest per year, jackfruits give two harvests per year.

Positioning of the Fruits

Jackfruits grow near the trunk of the tree, whereas durian fruits grow disorderly along the branches of the tree.


The main difference between jackfruit and durian is that jackfruits are larger than durians and contain latex on the inside of the fruit. Inside jackfruits, the flesh is inside small pockets with latex, whereas in durian, the flesh is inside larger pocks.


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